LEGAL WORLD INDIA offers free legal advice to our readers.
The main object of the LWI is to make sure that every needy person must get justice. We are working hard to provide every best possible solution for our readers so that they can get justice in time. In India as we know that litigation is very much expensive and due to very long procedure of courts the expensive litigation became more painful. We are just trying to provide best possible solution to clients so that they can get justice in time. We are working hard to collect funds for litigation expenses for poor people and our lawyers are representing them in courts without any cost.

Area of work :

  1. Revenue Laws
  2. Consolidation Laws
  3. Criminal Matters
  4. Civil Matter
  5. Matrimonial Case
  6. Writ Petition in High Court 
  7. Election Petition
  8. Service Matters 

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